The Widow’s Confession

My second book, The Widow’s Confession, is out on 15th January. I’ll be writing about it on some wonderful people’s blogs. Take a look below:
The Widow's Confession blog tour



4 thoughts on “The Widow’s Confession

  1. Margaret Powling

    I am reading this book as we speak and I’m truly enjoying it! No idea what’s going to happen next, no idea which characters will be saints and which will be sinners, how many bodies will fetch up on the shore, but just going with the flow (sorry, awful pun!)
    Margaret P

  2. Margaret Powling

    Yes, I enjoyed the ending, Sophia. By the way, there was a lovely photograph of the twin towers of Reculver church in the Daily Telegraph of Friday, 6th March. I’d not even heard of Reculver until I read your novel, and then as soon as I finish the story, there is a photo of it in the paper!


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